Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chocolate Gluten Freedom Cupcakes

At the cafe we get a lot of customers in with food allergies, and not surprisingly these days, gluten is a biggie. Generally, gluten free cupcakes can be a bit hit and miss. I have a chocolate cake I make with ground almonds that's pretty amazing, but that has egg in, so a no-no for my own allergies. This one (yes, my favourite cupcake book once again!) is gluten, egg and dairy free and is, as usual, amazing! It has tapioca, rice and quinoa flours as well as ground flax seed. It took me on quite a search through Geelong to locate all the ingredients (seems Quinoa flour is quite hard to come by at the moment!) but I eventually found them all and it was well worth it. The quinoa gives the cupcakes a deliciously nutty taste and the texture is dense and moist and just so chocolatey. I topped them with the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting which compliments them so well. The creaminess blends exceptionally well with the richness of the cupcake.

I also made the vanilla version of these but we weren't as sold on those as the nuttiness seemed a bit overwhelming. I think I'll try them again using a pre-mixed gf flour instead of the quinoa and see if that keeps the texture but loses the nuttiness.

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