Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bakery-style Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a Hint of Maple)

I recently bought the Vegan Cookie Connoisseur cookbook and it's my new favourite! I like it so much I've bought the kindle edition for my ipad as well as the actual book (because I love the feel of books and nothing is quite like writing notes on an actual page!).

I've been substituting White Wings gluten-free plain flour for the normal wheat flour and so far, I've had no problems at all. I highly recommend tthe White Wings flour, it's the best IMO, but don't use their Self-raising flour as that has an awful aftertaste. If you need SR flour just add 2tsp baking powder per cup of plain flour for a much better result.

These biscuits turned out so delicious and chewy! I used Lindt 70% dark chocolate as it's the only easily available commercial chocolate without soy lecithin and it was a bit rich but I wanted something I could just buy at the supermarket. We get a nice one at the cafe which is a bit less dark with no soy but it's more expensive but much nicer and would be wonderful in these. They have a sort of dark, burnt sugar taste due to the maple syrup and so I'd say they're a more adult cookie, they're extremely rich!

I'm back!

It's been ages since I posted last, life kind of threw me a few curve balls but I'm back and baking!

Since I last posted both my sons have been diagnosed with allergies as well, and theirs make mine seem like a walk in the park! My youngest had been vomiting nearly every night and the oldest had been having severe stomach pain regularly and nothing the doctors did was helping so I took them off to be tested and yes indeed, that was the problem. Unfortunately, doctors just don't seem to think of food allergies, they were quite surprised when I went back and told them how much all our symptoms had gone since getting rid of the food we were diagnosed as being allergic to.

Our combined allergies now include; wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, yeast, nuts, rye, rice, beans, and citrus. Of course, we've all managed to have slightly different cobinations too! It certainly makes cooking interesting.

Since removing the offending foods though we're all so much better. My arthritis (which I've had since I was 14)  has virtually disappeared, Nik is no longer vomiting nightly and Sascha has lost over 8kgs and is waking up without being in agony. If we have something with an allergen the results are definate and not pleasant. Unfortunately so many things can be hidden. Going out for dinenr is a real minefield because so many places just don't know or understand allergies enough to care. It's certainly difficult but it's making cooking an adventure and quite fun as I experiment and find things we can eat and actually enjoy!